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Software development

MKDG offers its services to develop and design software for your business. We are ready to take up any project of any complexity for companies located in Moscow and other Russian cities. Due to continuous improvement of skills and learning new methods, our specialists create a high-quality product that meets all requirements. Based on the company’s statistics, in 95% of cases the services to develop software include the following phases:



Task Review

1. Receiving a request from the Customer and conducting a preliminary review of it (thanks to 10 years of experience, we fully understand what is required at this stage).

2. Discussing the request with the Customer to clarify any issues (based on the answers to our queries, we understand specific requirements and are ready to offer various options).

3. Preliminary review of development time and cost (here we present a detailed commercial offer, including preliminary but accurate estimations for the work delivery period and software cost. We also provide several options for collaboration. As a result, in 99% of cases, we come to mutually beneficial terms of collaboration).


Statement of Work

4. Developing a detailed statement of work for programs (naturally, we create the document by reconciling and discussing options with the Customer).

5. Reconciling software product interfaces (this is the most interesting phase of our work, when the Customer sees their software product for the first time and can get creative and introduce their own ideas, considering themselves to be one of its creators).


Software Development

6. Developing the software itself (this is not the quickest but it is the most important phase, including mandatory testing by specialists).

7. Demonstrating the alpha-version of the software product to the Customer (during this phase, the software product meets 99% of the Customer's requirements).

8. Minimal development of the information system and final testing.


Implementation and warranty support

9. Launching on the Customer’s site and transfer of all technical documentation.

10. Providing information system warranty support (this option is free and included in all our agreements).

We provide solutions for the following tasks:

Online Store Development

a powerful tool for Internet sales comprising several global modules...

More details

CRM System Development

Customer relationship management is an approach to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers.

More details

ERP System Development

Enterprise resource planning is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology.

More details

Database Development

Access, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, MS SQL. It allows the storing of large volumes of data and carrying out relatively fast searches for the required materials.

More details

Statement of work development

Customized software is developed by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in designing information systems.

More details

Software development

We arrange an entire software product development and maintenance cycle, which includes several phases.

More details

Website Development

Our company develops websites of any complexity level with individual design and a powerful management system. The created website will feature an ergonomic interface, good functionality, and informativity.

More details

Web programming

Nowadays, a software suite of practically any complexity level can be developed based on web technologies: docflow encryption systems, automated commerce and company business management systems, banking systems, an information center - a manager’s work place to control all company flows and much more.

More details

Every project-specific cost of services to develop software depends on the specified requirements, scope of work, the technologies used, delivery terms.

For more detailed information, please contact our Moscow specialists by phone at +7 (800) 777-01-07, +7 (495) 64-004-77.

We develop unique software
that sees to every need of your business
We design
We study the business model and design the best operation scenarios for the future program with due diligence to every detail
We develop
We develop an intuitive interface that provides fast and easy work
We program
the system
By using reliable programming tools, we meticulously implement all planned functions
We increase
We provide transparency of business processes, reduce costs and increase staff efficiency

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