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Business automation, as a rule, includes the simultaneous development and implementation of CRM and ERP systems, thus creating a single corporate information and analytical system.

The main automation objective is to increase sales of merchandise or services and reduce costs at the same time.

Enterprise Front-End Discovery Procedure
Statement of Work Development
Software development
Purchase of the Required Equipment and License
Software and Hardware Suite Implementation
Personnel Training and Qualification

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The objective of any business is to gain profit, not only dependent on revenues but also on the costs associated with manufacturing, docflow, labor payment, etc. Efficient management is a critical component of any successful company. Only correct organization and smart management at all stages will allow a company to be competitive and stay the course in the long run.

In our modern world the management of any company has to constantly solve a wide range of multifaceted tasks and deal with many dynamically changing problems. Any business project greatly depends on how efficiently and rapidly such tasks, usually of a routine nature, are solved. Business automation is a logical and necessary step to increase company management efficiency. Not so long ago automation was used mainly in large corporations, and nowadays it is implemented in practically any company.

The creation of an integrated system that covers all the business processes and lines of business in a company forms the foundation of the information infrastructure. The system, as a rule, is built based on CRM and ERP capability. This approach enables full automation of the managerial and manufacturing processes, enhancing the organization of customer and vendor relationships. Commerce, docflow, logistics, and production automation reduces costs while increasing performance manifold. In addition to the increase in cost reduction and business process efficiency, the information system used for automation helps the company’s management to obtain powerful tools to reliably monitor personnel performance and to provide detailed economical analysis of individual business units and the entire company’s structure, as well as the means to make managerial decisions.

Automation does demand certain financial investments, primarily at the initial stages. Consulting services are sought after to reduce costs and increase output. Consultation with experienced specialists is extremely important when assessing the possible options to implement automated systems, potential output, and required expenses. At later stages the experts can consult on matters related to hardware and software selection, information protection, etc.

In our time of computer technology, business automation becomes practically a commonplace phenomenon. The commitment of both large and leading companies in their sectors and small enterprises to implement automation systems is not driven by trends, a desire to create a positive company image, or to not fall behind their competitors as it may have been 5-10 years ago. Nowadays enterprise automation, as a rule, is initiated by a company’s management to implement an effective system, conforming to up-to-date business conditions characterized by high dynamism and a harsh competitive environment.

Of course, business process automation is not a cure-all solution. By itself it does not guarantee high performance. Automation is a tool that allows more rapid success and reduces costs, but only if some conditions are met. Thanks to state-of-the-art automated system implementation it has become possible not only to significantly reduce operating costs but to utilize financial and analytical tools, thus allowing us to focus on solving strategical tasks.

MKDG offers consulting services including enterprise level system implementation, company business manageability and transparency enhancement, and business process efficiency increase. Our integrated solutions are based on co-using CRM and ERP system functions. This allows us to gain the best output from automation by spending funds efficiently.

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