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CRM System Development

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the concept of your relationship with the customers of your services or merchandise. This is the arrangement of front-office operations in contrast to an ERP system, which specifically focuses on the back-office operations. Thus, CRM systems are aimed at improving sales but not enhancing production itself.

In the 21st century, when supply in the market exceeds demand, the price of ads starts to grow rapidly, thus becoming more expensive to attract new customers. So it is very important not to attract a customer as a one off but to retain and make them buy merchandise or order services from you again and again.


CRM systems allow customers to be retained and make the right managerial decisions in the business quickly. It is not a secret that successful management means forecasting, which is built based on the statistics stored in the CRM system. Thus, this system implementation enables a rapid increase in the efficiency and profitability of the entire business.

CRM Advantages

Increase in sales
Increase in sales due to efficient interaction with customers
Promotion and advertising cost reduction
Promotion and advertising cost reduction
Internal cost reduction
Internal cost reduction
Efficient human resources management
Efficient human resources management
access to information on the company’s business processes
Anytime access to information on the company’s business processes
More efficient financial accounting and docflow
More efficient financial accounting and docflow
Every interaction with the customer is accounted for
Every interaction with the customer is accounted for
MKDG CRM System Advantages
MKDG CRM System Advantages

System maintenance model selection

The SaaS model involves paying a subscription fee for which you receive continuous updates, a private server, database backups and hotline technical support.

Also, you may purchase a copy of the CRM system to implement it using in-house software and hardware suites.

An embedded electronic docflow encryption system provides high data security.
The possibility to customize the system according to the company’s needs.
High performance, reliability, and scalability.

The next table provides market averages for enterprise CRM implementation efficiency:

Market averages for CRM Implementation Efficiency
Index Changes after CRM implementation, %
Administrative cost reduction 10–20
Annual sales increase per agent (advanced service quality, process boost, control for all deal stages, possibility to quickly respond to deviations) 10–30
Signed deal volume increase 5–15
Customer satisfaction increase 3–10

The below figure provides information on how various CRM systems conform to the demands of the Russian market. As one can see, the largest segment is represented by the solutions created by domestic developers.

Соответствие решений потребностям российского рынка

Our company offers a customized CRM development for the enterprises in Moscow and the Russian regions, as we do not intend to limit you by a standard set of functions.

Using our experience, we will design a unique solution for your enterprise that will 100% conform to your particular enterprise! Not will consider every single detail of your business processes!

For more detailed information on prices and possibilities to develop and implement the CRM system at your enterprise, please send us your request or contact us by any means convenient to you. Our specialists will be pleased to answer all your queries.

In the modern context of business operations, the most important thing for any company is the organizational level its relationship with customers is built upon. Considering the wide customer database any company operates, it becomes clear that to effectively build such relations the corresponding development of software is required even for medium and small businesses. All costs to implement an integrated solution in this area will be repaid time and again as the customer relationship management allows any business entity to gain significant competitive advantages while other conditions remain the same.

That’s why CRM development has become one of the prospective lines of business in any strong company specializing in software implementation. This can be explained by the fact that these systems very likely became the most efficient and convenient solution due to their functionality.

В каких отраслях внедрение CRM-решений оказывает наибольшее влияние на рентабельность продаж

Thanks to CRM development and implementation into the provision of means of information for the business, the entire volume of the company’s data relating to its customers, whether active or prospective, is systematically arranged in a single database. This database can be accessed by the company’s personnel, if duly authorized, who take part in managing customer relations in some way. However, automation using CRM systems goes beyond data systematization. They are developed by our company based on state-of-the-art solutions in this field so that such a system can provide data for situational analysis, thus facilitating company management to make the best managerial decisions.

основные преимущества внедрения CRM-решений

One more function run by CRM systems being developed by our company is to interactively communicate with customers via up-to-date network technologies. Particularly, CRM development allows direct communication with customers using a corporate website and other possibilities. It also becomes possible to control the activities of units that are responsible for customer relationship management.

Business automation by using a CRM system characterizes the company as one that is focused on the best relationship with its customers, which becomes an extra advantage in the complex competitive environment.

The time required to develop a CRM system and its turnkey implementation depends on the system functionality, complexity and other details. As a rule, it takes over 2 months to implement such a project.

You can pay for your CRM system development by money transfer to the account, the details of which are specified on the proforma invoice.

Its cost is defined on an individual basis. This is due to the fact that every CRM system by MKDG is fully adapted to the business specifics at a particular enterprise. It is a custom-made product, so it is impossible to standardize pricing based on a general pricelist.

For more detailed information, please call us on +7 (800) 777-01-07 in Moscow or submit your query via the webform on the site!

When does your business require the CRM system by MKDG?

You have a wide customer
base and you do not have time to interact
with every customer individually.
You need to increase
the efficiency of the sales
You would like to
systematically arrange data
and get statistics and analytics regarding
the customer relationship management process.
You would like to
implement the business development strategy
focused on sales increase.

CRM System Development Process

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