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Customized software is developed by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in designing information systems.

However, not every programmer possesses comprehensive information on the customer’s business area the project being created for, and they are not able to assess the convenience and functionality of the product from the end user point of view. It is especially due to this that the software products are designed by actual users, i.e. by programmers or web designers, that formally meet the set task but are extremely non-efficient in practice.


Special Aspects of Software Development

An intuitive approach in developing software is not applicable, as its operation might continue for a long period of time and demand significant financial investments. As a result, the customer wants a software product with an ergonomic interface and comprehensive set of functions that is reliable in operation, and, mainly, performing the tasks it has been developed for.

It would seem that one can draw the conclusion that software project development will allow implementation of the customer’s wishes in full simply by having detailed and reasonably listed SW requirements. But in practice, the customer’s specialist cannot account for some important aspects when designing the statement of work for programs development. They simply provide the list of the product requirements they would like to be delivered and partially describe the business processes used at their enterprise, thinking this is sufficient. Unfortunately, this document is just mere technical requirement for the development and in reality it is not a statement of work. Any product developed on the basis of such requirements will be very different from that required by the customer. Moreover, in practice, the majority of the customer’s personnel only have the illusion of understanding the task they have to implement with the help of a contractor. In reality, to solve the tasks that arise a more effective software implementation method is required for the customer that is completely different from the one proposed during the statement of work phase. This does not account for the fact that sometimes the customer introduces implementation methods that are known to be inefficient and, at times, highly damaging to performance.

That’s why it is important to assign the statement of work development to professionals with many years of experience in the software development field.

It is not a secret that the objective to implement information systems is not to automate some business processes, but to optimize the entire operation process of the enterprise and to increase total efficiency by reducing the cost of inefficient or out-of-date business processes.

Statement of Work Development Phases

Any statement of work development starts with a front-end discovery procedure and identification of inefficient enterprise business processes that require automation or modification. Based on the front-end discovery procedure results, preliminary mathematical models for the end product are designed and the required and available resources to implement the model are compared. After that, the best method and task implementation means are chosen.

The important statement of work development phases are the planning of software product development and implementation phases, identifying personnel, information details, and platform requirements. The statement of work contains a comprehensive description of the future system functionality including user interfaces, data hierarchies, and process implementation algorithms.

One can single out a communicative function of the statement of work. It assigns the customer’s and contractor’s roles and helps imagine what the end product will be like, what tasks it will be capable of solving, and to what extent it will be easy-to-use and useful. A correctly created statement of work minimizes the number of potential discrepancies between the customer and the contractor, allows the developer to imagine the preliminary appearance of the future software suite or automated system, clearly understands the essence of the task, its complexity, the means required to accomplish the work, and accurately calculates the cost and project delivery terms.

Statement of Work Development by MKDG

MKDG develops a statement of work strictly according to GOST 34.602-89. This means that the generated document contains the requirements and procedure to design and accept an entire automated system, describes its scope of works and check the procedure at every phase.

You can be sure that by the end, the developed product – an ERPsystem, CRMsystem, or an integrated enterprise automation system – will fully meet your expectations!

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