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Software development

Business process and reporting automation, electronic docflow management - these are the processes where their management is necessary at a particular stage of development for many companies. Integrated software is the basis for their implementation.

Software developed in accordance with the statement of work fully considers the customer’s requirements. The developer proceeds from the customer’s wishes, legacy hardware capabilities, and company specifics. As a result, a software product is developed that is fully adapted to the internal and external tasks of the customer.


Creation of a software suite certainly takes time. However, in some cases this time is compensated by fast implementation in the customer’s company as there is no need to change the business processes of the company. Close collaboration with the customer, going through the interface in detail, makes fast access to the most frequently used function.

Software Development Objectives and Phases

It is important to remember that any software product implementation objective is to increase the company’s efficiency. That’s why when reviewing the program requirements it is necessary to understand how to maximize its output and how it will be integrated into the existing business processes in the company.

Web programming should be noted separately. This field is relatively young, but is rapidly becoming popular due to the specific features available. First of all is its incredible mobility – web resources do not depend on the platform the user operates on since all computing processes are carried out on the server; the customer just needs to have a terminal with a web browser and access to the Internet. Thanks to global network development one can use this resource practically anywhere around the world. The continuous development of programming languages focused on the world wide web in particular allows the creation of more comprehensive, fast, and reliable web interface programs.

Creating a software product is a complex process that requires the involvement of a professional team of developers. We arrange an entire software product development and maintenance cycle, which includes several phases.

  1. 1. Software Requirement Identification.
  2. 2. Statement of work development.
  3. 3. Software product development
  4. 4. Software product testing.
  5. 5. Implementation, including software suite setup for specific equipment, personnel training.
  6. 6. Maintenance - modifications according to the customer’s requirements, installation of updates, etc.

Thus, having requested software development from us, you will receive a full set of services to design, implement, and maintain it. Thanks to the state-of-the-art design methods used, such as CASE-technologies, and extensive experience, our company develops reliable SW in the shortest possible time.

Преимущества заказа разработки баз данных в MKDG
Benefits of Requesting Software Suite Development in MKDG

We have extensive experience in developing software products, including logistics and management systems, secure banking systems, and electronic docflow systems.

Our advantage is the possibility of approaching every task individually. If you have planned your statement of work, we will develop the software product in full accordance with it. If you understand that you need to solve a problem but do not know the method needed to solve it, our company specialists will study the situation down to the last detail, prepare a report, and select the most suitable solution in collaboration with you.

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