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Website Development

Nowadays it is practically impossible to imagine a company not being present on the Internet. The time when webpage were just a fad is long behind us. Currently, website development has individual user-friendly design, which is a requirement for any organization. Many prospective customer search for product and service information on the Internet first of all, rather than anywhere else. And it is important not just to describe your company and its advantages comprehensively, but to make the user remember your website in particular.
Websites: Purpose and Main Functions
Websites: Purpose and Main Functions

The main purpose of any corporate portal is to present information on the company’s activities and provide the customer with the required insight into the company.


However, an efficient website should not only quickly familiarize a prospective customer and provide them with contact details. It must get them interested in you and make it clear that they must contact only you and not your competitors.

A website can be supplemented by any required functionality - an online store, a forum to discuss and solve various issues, a catalog presenting comprehensive information on the products and services of the company.

The up-to-date technologies for creating interactive Internet pages (Dynamic HTML) allow website programming trends to be identified. These technologies use a combination of HTML pages and script languages such as Javascript, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and others. Thanks to implementation of the AJAX concept with asynchronous data exchange between the client and the server, it became possible to develop fast web applications that have a user-friendly interface.

Benefits of MKDG Services for Developing Websites
Benefits of MKDG Services for Developing Websites

Our company develops websites of any complexity level with individual design and a powerful management system. The created website will feature an ergonomic interface, good functionality, and informativity.

The basic purpose of an individual design is to create the required image of the company, a memorable corporate style. During development it is necessary to consider the company’s line of business and other associated factors. A website should impress the customer, generate a positive image, and vividly yet gently present the offered services and merchandise. All page elements should be located in a way that makes the user comfortable while navigating the web resource pages.

Using a standard design will allow the creation of a fully functional user-friendly website within the shortest possible time. By applying standard solutions, the generated page will be comprehensive for users. The website design can be modified considering customer requirements.

Online stores are a very popular component of e-commerce. They provide many benefits in comparison to traditional points of sales. The user can order an item or a service without leaving their house and having studied all the parameters in detail. Online stores are open round the clock and there is no need to maintain a shop floor or bear the expense of sales assistants. If any item is temporarily out-of-stock, the customer can still order and receive it within a specified time.

1. Filling the brief
2. Website development
cost estimation
3. Design and website
design approval
4. Layout, programming, website setup
5. Website demonstration and testing
6. Website development extra payment
7. Transfer to customer’s domain, transfer of guidelines how to fill website with content

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