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Web programming

Nowadays, web programming is a separate line of business in developing network systems. Both global, on the Internet, and specific use, in a closed network of the organization (in the Intranet). What benefits does the use of web technologies bring when developing systems?

First of all, these are the minimal requirements for the client part of the application. Any computer that has access to the net and a web browser installed is sufficient to use it. Neither the client’s machine configuration nor the operating system installed are important. All loading is exclusively on the server. The use of the thin client philosophy for the client-server technology is implemented to the full to this end.

Этапы программирования
Знакомство, формирование общего видения, предпроектный анализ и изучение ожиданий заказчика
Составление подробного технического задания
Программирование — поэтапная техническая реализация
Внедрение программного обеспечения

To implement a system there is no need to upgrade an out-of-date fleet of computers in a company that has thousands of machines. Moreover, there is also no need to purchase full-scale computers to operate a set of rather inexpensive network terminals. The highest universality and availability of applications developed for web platforms provide the widest possibilities for operation.

Web System Benefits
Web System Benefits

“Web” means not only websites and all possible online stores. Nowadays, a software suite of practically any complexity level can be developed based on web technologies: docflow encryption systems, automated commerce and company business management systems, banking systems, an information center - a manager’s work place to control all company flows and much more. To operate these applications, there is nothing you need to install and setup on the user computer. You open a browser as usual, go to the system’s main page, log in, and get access to all the application features! You can work without spending precious time and do only the things required for your work and nothing more!

You can operate web systems both in your company’s local network and on the Internet. Data and network traffic encryption systems will provide protection against unauthorized access.

Here are the obvious advantages of web interface systems:

  • Independence of the client software and hardware platform (it is possible to operate using all operating system families).
  • Minimal requirements for personnel computers (network terminals are sufficient).
  • Wide operational capabilities.
  • Minimal network traffic between the client and the server.
State-of-the-art web technology capabilities
State-of-the-art web technology capabilities

Web programming became very popular when the Internet started to be widely developed from 1990-2000. Nowadays website programming is one of the most dynamically developing line of business in the field of software product development. The introduction of new technologies allows more and more complex applications to be created, expanding their capabilities. High speed optic networks enable the operation of these programs in the same way as applications installed on another user’s computer.

Web programming allows dynamic web applications to be created. They are not just dynamic pages, but complex software products and to operate them from the client’s perspective requires nothing but a browser. By using such an application you can, for example, operate a database, arrange an electronic docflow, utilize computer graphics, or play multimedia. Web programming is closely connected with web design and filling a website with content.

A web system provides a greater number of people in the world with access. It ensures extremely wide capabilities to co-operate on a common project. This system integrates into all the required products, such as office or accounting programs, IP-telephony programs, and emailing clients.

Web System Development by MKDG
Web System Development by MKDG

When developing web-oriented systems we utilize state-of-the-art technologies. Any traditional system can be developed on the web, preserving its legacy capabilities. When a system is developed on the wed its program interface will acquire all the advantages of such technologies and provide new operational benefits. Like a traditional program platform, your web platform will be developed according to your project design, will reflect all your business process details, and deliver the efficient result you have been waiting for!

On the whole we can be confident that using web technologies to create modern office information infrastructure brings excellent results both from financial benefits and the system functionality point of view. Thanks to this, developing programs in this field has become one of the perspective lines of business in which a lot of companies operate specializing in system integration, IT outsourcing, software development, etc.

That is why it is important for the customer to select a company capable of delivering an integrated solution the fully considers the customer’s individual business needs. One of the key elements is database development, as it fully reflects the structural and business specifics of the customer’s company. Developing programs and creating databases to implement web technologies within the information infrastructure is provided by us using a configuration that fully suits the specific case. That is why we are able to offer our customers the best solutions based on an individual approach.

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